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This section of the elementary school teacher, nurturer, teacher, graduating from school, so teaching and teaching which gained the right person who is known to be selected from among the students.  when  the conditions within the framework failure affected child, the  schools and classrooms of the primary school level is to be - graduates of this department of people with higher education, after seeing the re- primary level in schools direct educational services to lend  the impression that gives. The inability of graduates directly into an affected child, unable to provide training and education services to bring additional problems and bureaucracy of the department is closed  than 34 years in the intervening night of Gazi Education Institute within the special education teacher for the purpose of cultivating Department of Veterans for Education Sciences at the Department of Private Education School Teaching is acilmisit. Its the department of special education Teachers Training program failure of an affected child, teacher training and education services that enables them to be career by taking into consideration the necessary knowledge and skills after two years of emergency has been developed. In the 1990-1991 academic year the Department has delivered the first graduates.

The Department of Education of the Visually Impaired currently has two associate professors, two teaching assistant doctors, two research assistant doctors, and nine research assistants. As the only Department launched in Turkey in this field, the department provides teacher candidates with skills for the education of visually impaired children. In addition to training teachers, practices and projects for the education of visually impaired children are carried out and family training is provided. In order to provide specialization in the field, students are admitted to the Master's Program in Education of the Visually Impaired at the Institute of Educational Sciences, and courses such as Orientation and Mobility, Education of the Low Vision are taught. 

In our department, the programs of the Department of Education of the Mentally Handicapped and the Department of the Visually Impaired are still continuing at the graduate level, and since the 2016-2017 academic year, undergraduate education has been continued as the department of Special Education Teaching. 


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